Rolling shutter-Kinzon60

Rolling shutter-Kinzon60

Aluminum Rolling Shutter Door
1. Dimension: can be customized
2. System option: tubular motor driving system, manual tape control system, crank control system
3. Slats option: 37mm, 45mm, 55mm.
4. Maxi width: 2200~3500mm.
5. Maxi height: 3000~3500mm.
6. Maxi coverage: 5.4~10.5 m2
7. Material: aluminum alloy
8. Control: remote, switch, tape coiler, crank
9. Motor: 6 ~ 50 Nm (tubular motor)
10. Normal color: white, light beige, grey, silver, green, champagne, oak color

Rolling Shutter Application:

1. Buildings
2. Park, Garden
3. Workshop, Factory
4. Warehouse, Storage
5. Gas Station, Garage
6. Shop, Super Market

1. Profiles: use of energy-saving roller profiles, made of high-quality pre-painted raw material, cold roll forming by filling high-grid polyurethane foam insulation. Special industrial surface treatment, resistance to climate, and anti-corrision;

2. Insulation: High-grid polyurethane foam with good insulation properties;

3. Good Sealing Performance: Aluminum end slats with sealing profiles, low noise, fast open, security performance;

4. High Level of Operating Performance: Operating system can be equipped with button control, remote control, all from move operation, infrared security system.


Post time: Nov-25-2020