Venezuelan Guest Visit Record

On April 28, a Venezuelan partner in China came to our company to visit our frameless products and left a valuable photo.

Recently, the pneumonia virus is threatening the health and safety of all mankind. After nearly two months of hard work, Chinese people and Chinese medical and nursing personnel have finally achieved a basic victory in fighting the epidemic, and domestic production and life have basically returned to normal. For other countries and people still under the threat of the epidemic, we deeply sympathize and feel the same feelings. Both the Chinese government and the Chinese people are trying their best to help these countries and people in need. We hope that this threat from all mankind – covid-19 will be eliminated as soon as possible and people will be safe and healthy. After all, under the role of the community of human destiny, we need to snuggle up and work together.

In response to the call for global cooperation, our Finzone Doors & Windows Company has actively strengthened cooperation with its partners at home and abroad to achieve mutual benefit.A recent visit by Venezuelan guests is mainly to visit our frameless products series – Finzone30.Finzone30 as the latest development of the frameless series, with many advantages, guests are extremely satisfied, but also for us to expand the sales market in South America has made a great contribution.

our partner said that Finzone is what he saw at present, the most diversified, up-to-date most diversified products, the latest, the closest to customer product requirements. Mainly in the product beautiful, practical, safe, occupy small space and other advantages.We do not shyly boast, we do, to the guests the best products, the best service.

And we sincerely hope that after the end of the epidemic, more international friends can come to visit our factory, understand our products, and have more and closer cooperation with Finzone.

Post time: Apr-28-2020